Mark Rothko, Blue and Grey, 1962

I have looked right at this in person

lavender albino king
yo back from Siena
(photo taken before triP)

Hong Sungchul is an artist who creates fairly large-scale three-dimensional works consisting of numerous elastic strings with a singular image printed on across all of them. When the singular strings are hung together, the final image is presented.
San Gimignano field trip

Road, 2014

A strip of yellow, a flash of skin or fur or bone

Burning rubber, heated steel

This plastic radio lethargic,

Each languid song casts our ears

Between us out in front, hazy grey

Smog along a black forest

The asphalt dips and spins,

Another patch of teeth and blood

Hills more like cliffs,

63 deaths caution from each post

Regardless, I step on the gas

Making our cheeks burn

With the heat pushing our patience

You recline, stretching away

Anxiety bubbles from our guts

Pressure of a decaying day

Fuel bursts from our mouths,

Dirty secrets of hatred shared

A menace back home,

Tightens your fists

But home is a long ways

And there’s only a year,

Until guaranteed freedom

Brake lights ahead,

I almost miss


Zig-Zags, 2010 by Erik Gonzalez


Jayson Musson
Painting Is Dead, date & dimensions unknown

30 x 40 inchesTempera on paper2009